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Assassination of Sheikh Yasein and his Successor

A Turning point in the Arab-Israeli Conflict

       Monday, 22nd March, 2004 has started a new stage in the history of the national Palestinian struggle, and it constituted a strategic turning for the Islamic Movement Resistance, Hamas, and its allies of resistance legions. This has led to a new stage in the policy of the occupation which is based on the political theater by means of eliminating the leaders of resistance. The unprecedented Palestinian, Arab, and International reaction have constituted a political scene which expressed the size as well as importance that Hamas Movement has acquired as a Palestinian resistance movement.

The scene of the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people has been a continuous one, and in the meantime, the quality resistance operations have been also spiraling and increasing; effect and strength wise. The period preceding the assassination of Sheikh Yasein has been characterized with its strategic quality, especially Isdod bilateral operation of Hamas and Al Aqsa Battalions. Furthermore, the coordination amongst the main three active resistance legions has been escalated, added to a lot of provocations and calling for unity in one forehead based on resistance as the core. In addition, the resistance movement has wrecked all the Israeli efforts in spreading sense of demoralization among Palestinian people who has shattered Perez and Sharon plans for firing a Civil War as a consequence of signing Oslo Accord. However, the observer can notice that the policies that have been depended by the resistance movements have run on the chance for such a destructive scenario. 

In addition, the resistance has been cured from continuous Israeli strikes, until they retained their independence in terms of weapons and military modeling.  Also, Israeli decision of invading the West Bank and abolishing the Palestinian Authority as well as executing Jenien Massacre and Nables in March 2002 alongside others, have been strategic steps which have intended crushing the resistance and sopping its development. Yet, the actual situation has been contradictory in respect to escalating the resistance quality wise further to the escalation in its incorporation and support in the street. The number of Israeli killed has increased during the following six months to 194 kill as a result of the bombing operations and armed battles. The complete occupations of the west bank as well as killing activists, and exerting pressure over the Palestinian Authority, have never worked.

The spiraling of the resistance and escalation of the national Palestinian incorporation and union, the efficiency of the resistance operations security and military wise, and the capability of tuning the resistance cadence of the Israeli street causing "horror" deep inside the hearts of the Israeli commanding entity itself, caused continuous senses of failure, one after the other. Thus, Israel thought that killing the First Class leaders, theorists, political and spiritual directors shall lend a strike to the resistance at the strategic extent; as it has been promoted by the Hokes in the Israeli government at the sun-up of the assassination of Sheikh Yasein.

The policy of assassinating the Palestinian leaders historically has proved its failure and infeasibility at the beginnings of the 1987th Intifada contradictory to the situation in the earlier decades. The resistance ember has increased and its support has been expanded, senses of disappointment and desperation have prevailed among the Arabic and Palestinian team of political peace settlements again and again. This has caused the Israeli party to sense the failure of a long program aimed at pushing the Arab side to accept the Israeli settlement proposals as a solution for the Palestinian cause.

The assassination of Sheikh Yasein has constituted one of the lamentable Israeli tactics in striking the resistance, marginalizing it and devastating its morals, where the assassination has abolished the trials of the Palestinian Authority in broadening its control over the armed resistance in Gaza Strip under the Israeli, Arabic and International pressures. In addition, it has frustrated the attemptability of the United States in creating desperateness and demoralizing atmosphere in the Arab street targeting the acceptance of the American program for reformation as an alternative of the current Arabic situation. The assassination has also offended the attempts of bedevilment amongst the resistance legions as it caused a quicker union of them further to the escalation of their coordination. That is to say, assassinating the paralytic Sheikh of Intifada did not result in anything other than a more intensification of its binding and assertiveness, enlarging its supporting cycle, cornering the Peace Process and its team, perplexing the international society. I elevated the escalation of qualm in respect to acts of terrorism directed against the Western interests in spite of the fact that the Palestinian Resistance interdepends a constant strategy of not executing any operations other than those directed against the occupation and inside Palestine only.

Despite the fact that the assassination has disconcerted the attempts of the Israeli Lift Wing in strangulating Sharon's Administration temporally, it has created the justifications for flaring up a new stream of resistance operations which might cause a strategic disservice for the Israeli State more than ever. On the other hand, the initial limited relations operations performed by the resistance are considered a wrecking of the Israeli analysis which was based on expecting a flow of direct vengeful operations which will result in the loss of hundreds of Israelis, while such a procedure on the part of the resistance has opened the door wide for a horrific future for Israelis. This means that the near extent has been relatively quiet some, while the far extent contains the news that may never affluence neither Sharon nor his hopes where sending the Mosad teams to work in the Arabic court against the Palestinian leaders outside will never be capable of succouring them.


The Sound Effects on Hamas

Before the explicitness of any important political indicators for the assassination of Sheikh Yasein, the Israeli media has taken up the circulation of some rumours and expectations as regards to the division of Hamas Movement and its coming weakness on the basis of the Entrant and Out gone or on the basis of the excess and moderation. It has also started expressing the intimidation of the stage of Hamas extravagance against the Palestinian Authority. Also, it has called for investigating the new excepted program of Hamas that intends striking the Western interests in the region. In the same time, many has stated their theories in respect to those controversies which the Israeli have meant, via them, striking the legions of the resistance and its national unity and drive Hamas to change its strategies in armed resistance over the land of Palestine. Yet, Hamas leaders have managed to deal with this strategic amendment in their leadership structure in a way that has astounded all and changed the direction of the winds as well.

Experts of Hamas Movement affairs and the Palestinian Issue believe that Sheikh Yasein was a permanent internal security valve for Hamas Movement as well as Palestinian legions and society due to his status and accountability; political and historical wise, alongside the special charisma he enjoys. Meanwhile, he has been also part of the counselling (Shora: Islamic Terminology) and democracy tendencies that have been amongst the practices inside the movement and its institutions. Accordingly, it can be said that Hamas Movement has lost a wise opinion, bright-minded leader and a fair judge in its arrays, yet it did not loose its institutional situation. This depiction has proofed its validity in respect to Hamas Movement in terms of what we have arrived at in consequence to the research we have executed in cooperation with Dr. Iyad Barghouthi in 1996, titled 'A Study of the Political Ideology of HAMAS', where Hamas leaders have quickened to announce the successor of the Sheikh and confessed his authority on public, in a distinctive scene which might be the first in its type in the history of the movement. This has occurred before the passage of 24 hours after the martyred of the movement founder and historical symbol. In addition, the movement highlighted that the new leader Dr. Abdel Aziz Rantisi is capable of fulfilling this position in Gaza Strip, and the movement leaders have all approved that. On his part, the new leader has announced his renewal the pledge of allegiance to the general leader of the movement, the chairman of the political office Khalid Mesha'al. Those actions have proved that the institutionalism of Hamas, its consultancy, options and dimensions. It stopped the flow of the malevolent attempts to spread contention, specially after the assurance of the movement, whether internally and externally, of its unity, and continuity on the same former policies in respect to resistance and relation with the Palestinian Authority, as well as the strategic goals represented in continuing resistance and embodying the Palestinian national unity. The movement has exceedingly passed the test, and what have remained is benefiting from the experience in objectives of development, interaction, and investing this amendment for the benefit of the national Palestinian contention. Yet, this failure in striking Hamas, has never constituted a source of content to the Israeli government leaded by Sharon, thus it intended the assassination of Dr. Abdel Aziz Rantisi after only three weeks of assassinating Sheikh Yasein, on Saturday April 14, 2004 in another attempt to broke the Palestinian people outstanding.  


The Conversion of the Street towards Resistance

The assassination of Sheikh Yasein and after the assassination of Dr. Rantisi have constituted a new doorway for the unity of the Palestinian outstanding and resistance, and the effective resistance legions have proved their unity in confronting the occupation. Part of this attitude has been the announcement of Al Aqsa Battalions its persistence to retaliate before Al Qassam Battalions. Furthermore, the former has announced naming one of its combative units after the name of Sheikh Yasein, over and above that it executed together with Al Qassam and Saraya Al Quds subsequent bilateral operations so as to assure pursuing the same direction.

On the other hand, the Palestinian people have announced a practical support for the resistance line, which has also been expanded to cover the Arab World and the Islamic Nation. In this context, hundreds of thousands of Arabs and Muslims have participated in the demonstrations to show their advocating for what the sheikh and Dr. Rantisi have meant in terms of outstanding and resistance against occupation, rather than being a matter of protesting against the Israeli violations of Human Rights which have never come to an end neither prior nor after the assassinations.

The assassination has been reflected on the mood of the street for the favour of the resistance's powers and their program. This has its own consequence in causing the deterioration of the attractiveness of the non-resistant legions as well as the Palestinian Authority's men who are still persistent on the negotiation line as alternative for the other line of resistance. 


Interceptive Attempts against the Change Motion

Two interceptive attempts have occurred to counterpart this change in the Palestinian and Arabic mood following the assassination of Sheikh Yasein. The first has been performed by the Palestinian Authority Prime Minister and the second by a team of the conciliation supporters.

On his part, the Palestinian Prime Minister Ahamd Qurai' has submitted his report, during an assembly of the Palestinian Legislative Counsel in Ramallah, which covers the passing three months. The report stated that "the Operations of Bombing which might harm some Israelis, in a state other than war, actually constituted obstacles in the way of the national struggle. Also, it has been part of the reasons that have driven the anger of the United States and Europe, thus, put the government in the frame of failure and incompetence, and has caused harm to the National Palestinian Project". Those declarations, in total, have caused argumentativeness from media and cultural points of view among elites as a substitution for dialogue and discussion in respect to investing this movement for the favour of the struggle against the occupation at international congregations.

At the same level of action, around seventy Palestinians, who claim to be intellectuals, have published a document alongside a media communiqué, paid by EU, in which they ask for a non-violent Intifada against occupation as well as self control and not to be withdrawn to the Israeli battle court by means of executing armed responses against the occupational occupation. They also called upon a non-violent tone of speech accompanying this Intifada as well, i.e. it does not contain any stirring up for practicing any sort of violence in confronting the Israeli military device. For the first time, among this group, has been Fateh Movement leader in Gaza Ahamd Halas, and Abbas Zaki, the member of the central committee of Fateh. This has raised questions as regards to the political standing of Fateh Movement in respect to the resistance, and to Al Aqsa Battalions, as a consequence. This participation from those two men has caused a feeling of deplore among many since the remaining of the group has been accustomed that such tendencies never find their repercussion in the Palestinian street, and this has sparked the fears of the observers that such an adaptation among some leaders of Fateh constitutes a start of a division in the movement itself, which might be followed by a division in the same movement resistance legions.

Yet, the consequences of the event at Arabic, international and national level in spite of the American Veto in the two times, flinched those attempts. It also sustained the political impulsion for the favour of the resistance legions, and run on the chance for creating any internal Palestinian antagonism. Meanwhile, the recommencement of the assemblies of the Upper Follow-up Committee of the Palestinian legions in Gaza for coordinating its standings has been considered a reasonable mechanism for examining the results of the Change including the probable unilateral Israeli withdrawal from most of Gaza Strip. On its part, the resistance legions have read the subject letter and consequently have postponed their massive operations so as to make use of the media and political change. Thus, the legions have been sufficed with executing quality operations targeting the assurance of the resistance's continuity, as well as arousing some Palestinian political argumentativeness on the stage. Based on the judgment of those legions, they have decided that this policy shall be continued until all their patience and wisdom are gone, having meanwhile a common Palestinian document which trim down the size of any  future controversy properly prepared.


The Wrong Israeli & American Analysis

It can be said that the Israeli analysis which is based on internal Palestinian contention is the strategic program which protects Israel, purge the Palestinian resistance as well as the Palestinian Issue, and also weakens the Arab, Islamic and international sympathy with it; in fact, all this did not succeed in having this analysis realizing an important presence on the actual world of reality.

As we have indicated above that the goal of Oslo from an Israeli point of view, according to Shimon Perez, was firing splash among the Palestinian powers, and thus assigning the tasks of chocking off the resistance and purging its influence to the Palestinian Authority and its security devices.

The other mistake was when Israel thought that assassinating the leaders shall be the doorway towards demoralising the spirit of the resistance and its core intellectual structure according to its first experiment with the Palestinian resistance in the Seventies and Eighties. Whereas, the assassinations and arrestment have increased the power of the Great Palestinian Intifada in 1987, Al Aqsa Intifada in 2001, the tendencies of the legions of the Islamic resistance and Al Aqsa Battalions, in spite of the temporary effect on the operations and their delay and may be also the change in the tactics. Also, those assassinations have increased the interrelating amongst the legions and never led them to controversy, further to the fact that those assassinations have increased the fame of those legions and their champions, having meanwhile, the deterioration of the status of other Peace Process men who are protected thanks to the Gentlemen agreement.

However, and in spite of the explicitness of this vision for an objective reader of the Palestinian national struggle progression since, at least, 1988 up till today, the Israeli leadership still extorts its people, as well as the United States and European Union by means of assuring its strength and ability to execute the required mission targeting protecting its internal and external security. In practice, it does not prove its success in this respect after the passage of more than fifty years since the establishment of the Israeli State. Still, Israel, with its different leaderships that passed, rejects to confess the fact of its disability in realizing security. Yet, the senses of frustration, despair, increase of reverse immigration and suicide among Jews, as Israeli sources usually report, do bring this fact to light. Nonetheless, Israel is still deceiving the world when it promotes itself as an expert in "Struggling against Terrorism" and still executing its special security operations, despite the utmost failure it has been exposed to during the passing last ten years.

The assassination of a paralytic old man on a wheeled chair in the street between his mosque and home has reflected the range of the Israeli moral abjection on one hand, and the terrible shortage in the Israeli military and security professionalism on the other.

This can never be a source of military feat by any measurement, even for gangs of drugs' contraband, how comes then for a state? For this reason, the Israeli leaders tend to promise the Israeli people that security and safety will be achieved on the long run, which actually might be doubted that they shall have the chance to live and witness such an era as long as such Palestinian leaders are being assassinated, and such Israeli leaders are still in office.

At the same level, Israel has been capable of deceiving the United States which, seen in the Arab World, has handed over its political standing in the region to Israel, and has given Israel the green light all through to execute military ventures which have brought about to America nothing but destruction, devastation and averseness. On its part, the American administration presents Israel to the American people describing it as an oasis of democracy on the first side, and that it is struggling against terrorism on the second, while it represents an extendedness of the Western civilization in accordance with the Zionist, conservative Christian rightist stream to which a large number of the United States current leaders belong, from a third side. Due to the fact that the United States can practice the art of imposing pressure over the Arab countries so as to stop the public conversion towards practically supporting the Palestinian people, the United States has insisted this time also on wrong comprehension, even though it looked perplexed on the first sight. This flustering has been due to the fact that Ahmad Yasein and Abdel Aziz Rantisi represent a grievance of an overborne nation suffering under occupation, and they also represent the legendary outstanding of the Palestinian people, as no sensible can accept the saying that there is not neither close nor far relation between this assassination and what is said to be struggling against terrorism, no matter what the Israelis pretend or fabricate stories. It is a fact that a paralytic old man and a political physician can never embody anything other than the Palestinian pain and dream of liberation, independence and homecoming.


The Strategic Change 

In the light of the above analysis, those assassinations have brought to light that they subsist an important strategic change, which has obstructed the efforts of reliving the peace process and its projects, increased the resistance support at Palestinian and Arabic levels. In addition, it expanded the media and political presence of Hamas Movement at Arab and international level as well, played a role in encouraging the unitary tendencies in the Palestinian street at the level of the armed resistance legions or the diffident political powers. Furthermore, it also lend in cornering the standing of the Palestinian Authority as well as weakening it in respect to the possibility of bridling the operations of the armed resistance, increased the horror in the Israeli society as regards to revengeful operations because of the ventures of its extremist Israeli leaders. Additionally, this change has also provided the chance to Hamas to effect, in the policies of the region and its tendencies at public and official level, which might be a rare case to occur. This change has perplexed the western standing as regards to putting Hamas at the list of the Terroristic Organizations, which has been a response to the American pressure at that time.

Therefore, the existence of Sheikh Yasein and Rantisi has been a source of strength to Hamas; in the meantime, their martyrdoms have been also a strengthening to not only to Hams, but also to its allies in terms of its existence, influence and political presence. Moreover, it has represented a quality leap in the movement tendencies towards unity and political leadership. The coming days might prove the capacity of Hamas movement to make use of those elements to bridle the Israeli tendencies of arrogance, terrorism and extremism, as well as flinching the ability of Israel and United States administration as far as interference in Arabic internal affairs is concerned. This of course can be done by means of accurate and correct comprehension of things, with serious Arabic and Islamic support at official and public levels. This can occur in spite of the dangerous progress in the current American political standing in respect to the utter support of the Israeli extremism, as well as the bumptiousness and complete ignorance of the International Legitimacy, Human Rights and United Nations Resolutions, which will not be fruiting other than a stepping-up of dissipation and civilizational decadence, according to Arnold Twinby.



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Assassination of Sheikh Yasein and his successor..    A Turning point in the Arab-Israeli Conflict
Researches & Studies  

The Transformation of Israeli Society towards the Extremist Right Wing(1991 - 2003)


Reform Attitudes in Saudi Arabia

Reports and Articles  
Sheikh Yasein Assassination.. Indicators & Impacts  
Freedom of Journalism in Jordan  
One Year since the Occupation of Iraq (2003-2004)  
Overview of the Amnesty Report on the separation Wall  

Peace Process in the Middle East




Researches & Studies

The Transformation of Israeli Society towards the Extremist Right Wing(1991 - 2003)


      Aslo Agreement between the two parties, Israeli and Palestinian Liberation Organization has put a bound in respect to the struggle between the two agreeing parties. The standings of the two parties as well as the general opinions explorations, have all provided the evidence that both, the Palestinians as well as Israeli people prefer a political solution for that struggle, despite the fact that the Israelis prefer that peaceful solution does not take place for free.

The Palestinian Intifada which has broken out after the Palestinian leadership and Palestinian people have realized that the Israelis are not serious in implementing what they have agreed upon, and Israel insists in using extreme force against innocent civilian Palestinians.

The Israeli street which is usually preoccupied with the premonition of security, and which also declined towards the Right Wing throughout its history, has returned to the adherence of its old conventions and traditional mode of thinking. The new thinking directed towards the hatred of Arabs and the extra Jews right in respect to the ownership all the Palestinian land.

The mentioned Israeli street, whether the general, the Rightist or Leftist parties' frames, is nothing but small groups of the Israeli Left and civil society organizations which have adopted extremism as well as the methods of the bigot, pious Right. The most prominent example in this respect has been the constitution of a national union government between the LIKUD and the LABOR party and assigning Shimon Perez the architecture of Oslo with a ministerial position there.

This model represented for the Palestinians a central harmful strike against the Palestinians and their policy which targets establishing their independent state. It also supported what some categories and Palestinian movements have thought of Oslo as a mere drama, no more, no less, after its manufacturers have denied it.

       Some of the Israeli people are those who have been brought up and taught on overhead basis and that other nations are beneath them. Thus, Israeli interests are above any consideration and the sustainability is for interest not friendship.

Researches & Studies

Reform Attitudes in Saudi Arabia

        The reformation is currently the converse of the Saudi society in its current status, in respect to the change in the sociological circumstances it lives with its subsequent changes in its chronological, local, regional and international circumstances. As a result, the vital necessity has arisen to study the social change and its effect on the reformation which the Saudi government is acting upon from one side, or the change which some social categories are demanding. From its perspective, the reformation issue as part of the sociological changes did not acquire serious studies on the part of sociologists for a variety of regards. Actually, this is what distincts this study and assigns it the scientific importance.

From a sociological point of view, Reformation can be defined as "sociological projects and programs that target setting up a new life system, based on the dissatisfaction of the prevailing style and the desire of introducing a new composition." The concept of Reformation has also been very much connected to the political ideology, and it is assumed that Reformation arrives at political solutions for three chief problems:

1.      The wide range circulation of the populist contribution in the political life as well as the political decision making process.

2.      Creating an interconnected, integrated and comprehensive nation as an alternative for consent of individuals spreading over tribes, clans, cults and races.

3.      Constructing a modern state both: competent and efficient enough to be qualified to guide a dynamic movement in the society with the goal of realizing the economic and sociological growth.

As a result of the length of the historical stage we assigned to track the reformation process in the Saudi society, it has been divided from chronological prospective, making indications, meanwhile, as to its conjunction and intersection among each other as a sociological phenomenon, on which same stages applied to other sociological phenomena are applied. The stages are:

  1. The stage of Early Reformation

  2. The stage of development, planning and diverging with other dimensions 

  3. The sage of Nineties and publics' deposition

  4. The stage of confrontation, divergence and appearance of dimensions

      In the light of demonstrating the study subject matter, a group of facts have been arrived at, which demonstrate the matter of Reformation in our Saudi society.

Reports and Articles

Sheikh Yasein Assassination.. Indicators & Impacts

The Israeli planes killed Sheikh Yasein, by means of shooting three missiles towards him.

It was not until the news of assassinating sheikh Yasein have spread, tens of thousands enraged Palestinians have came out to streets, ejaculating callings on revenge and continuity of resistance and martyred (bombing) operations. The general blacksmith has been announced in the Palestinian lands for three days. Hamas Movement issued a communiqué after the assassination saying that the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon "has opened the gates of hell"!

In the same context, most Arab capitals have witnessed mass demonstrations comprised of tens of thousands protesting against the assassination of Sheikh Yasein. The Arabic street has flounced with anger and deplored the dreadful crime, while all the Arab governments have agreed on condemning this terroristic operation. The international standing has been perplexed in front of this Israeli Terrorism. On the other side, the event of assassinating Sheikh Yasein has been within the table of concerns in the Supposed Arab summit in Tunis (28-29 March, 2004) postponed for later date. 

The assassination of Sheikh Yasein has formed the lineaments of a new stage of the Arabic apprehension of the terroristic mentality of the Israeli leaders. Besides, it constituted a new elevator of the Palestinian resistance, and it also constituted a new stone in the wall of the Palestinian national union as well. On the other hand, Hamas postpone of executing military operations, specially martyred ones, has also represented political wisdom and rationalism so as to spare an adequate chance for political interaction with the event. This will also stand as a strong justification in respect to executing any actions Hamas might take at a later stage regardless of its magnitude, since the international society has failed to condemn Israel and bridle it despite being given the adequate time margin.

The political Israeli mechanism has witnessed a storm afterward the assassination. As it was expected, the Israeli Right Wing welcomed the operation, and claimed that Yasein "deserved death", whereas the Left Wing representatives bewared from an unprecedented wave of violence as a result of the assassination process.

      For that reason, by assassinating Sheikh Yasein, Sharon with the American Administration behind, have put the foundation for a new confrontation, of new type; with more grim and fierceness. In addition to being a driving for the Palestinian people to liberate their land and inviting them to deploy the struggling methodology of the martyr Sheikh, who has been able, despite being cripple and paralytic, to spread dismay among the high status terrorist Warlords in Israel.

Reports and Articles

Freedom of Journalism in Jordan

     The Jordanian press forms one of the major concepts in the political, economic and sociological protocols, as being considered the first tool which have convoyed the different development stages of the society with the passage of the years. Press has gained a great number of audience and interested readers, and has occupied a special importance amongst the leaders of intelligence, politics and culture not only at the national level, but it surpassed to the territorial and international midst as a result of the political and social changes that have occurred in Jordan in the Nineties after the political openness.

The press has started its tour at the beginnings of the twenties and continued its growth and development in the following decades. In the period between the First and Second World War, Jordan has depended on the Palestinian press which was considered a sort of a mirror which reflects the real situations the Arab communities have been living during that era. The year 1920 has witnessed the issuance of the first weekly newspaper in Eastern Jordan Emirate in Ma'an –then it moved to Amman- titled "Right Ascends" which motto has been "Revolutionary & Arabic". Newspapers and magazines' issuance continued after the year 1945, where the Fifties era represented the golden stage of the Jordanian press, for the country has never witnessed such a progress before as more than 41 publications have been established in the Fifties and Sixties.

      Then came the Nineties era which witnessed the crystallization of the evolutions that have intervened at the Press Sector during the former decades. This has not been restricted to systemizing its issuance as well as the assortment of the issues introduced, but it also started to discuss the most important issues that represented in the democratic tendencies which have touched the different sides of the society life, whether being political, sociological, economic or intellectual.

Reports and Articles

One Year since the Occupation of Iraq (2003-2004)

      One year has passed since the American forces have occupied Iraq, specifically from April 9, 2003 up till April 9, 2004. During the occupation US forces succeeded in the arrestment of the majority of the former Iraqi leadership including President Saddam Hussein himself. The constitution of the Governing Board alongside a new ministry, reflected the current allocation of the council as well as the local governing administrations, in addition to the reestablishment of the Iraqi police, civil defense and intelligence. Despite the existence of not less than 175 thousand foreign soldiers resting on the Iraqi land; security and stability have never been achieved in Iraq. The American, instead forces in Iraq are confronting a bitter security impasse especially in the Sunni triangle district.

Violence, killing and destruction never come to an end on the American part, in spite of the slogans, that calling for liberty and democracy for the Iraqis. They couldn't find any evidence of MDW, yet their allegations have been considered as a scandal to the US and Britain leadership.

The Iraqi resistance has led operations of confrontations with the American occupational forces since the earliest days of the beginning of occupation. Such  actions have been flamed thanks to the group of decisions taken by the American Civil Ruler Baul Premier which required disbanding members of the Iraqi army, forbidding the Ba'ath  Party followers from working in the formal country institutions. The increase of crime and theft, the absence of any vitals of neither security nor internal stability represented in the re-operation of the subjacent structure, all became a pretext to work against American forces their. Upon that a territorial belief has prevailed that the American occupation in Iraq will have its negative interplaying in respect to neighboring countries, in particular Iran, Saudi Arabia and Syria.

     The settings are still insecure and instable. In April, 2004, the resistance actions have increased in Falloja area, where the number of victims has been not less than 650 martyrs and 1200 wounded most of them were children and women as hospital reports declared. On the other hand more than 100 American soldiers have been killed, 12   planes have dived, many vehicles, wheels, tanks and wagons have been burned and spoiled before the seize fire took place.

Reports and Articles

Overview of the Amnesty Report on the separation Wall

       The Apartheid wall which the Israeli occupational authority is building in the West Bank has created vast international reactions. Some countries, organizations and authorities have issued communiqués and reports, in which they condemned building this wall, and detected the most important violations as well as the effects of this wall on the Palestinian people, their land and political future.

       Within this context, the Amnesty International has issued a report in 19 February, 2004 titled "Israel and the Occupied Lands: Status of a Wall/ Rail in the International Law" in which it depicted the Israeli justifications in respect to building the wall and its different effects on the Palestinian people. The report has boiled down that Israel has the right to build a wall to protect its security, taking into account that it is not located out of the Green Line (the imaginary line between 1948 and 1967 occupied lands). It has also invited the Israeli government to commit to its duties according to the International Law of Human Rights as well as the Human International Law, among this comes its duties as an occupying country in accordance with Geneva Fourth Agreement. Amnesty in its report criticized Israeli behaviors calling upon the international community to take their role.

Reports and Articles

Peace Process in the Middle East

     "The world will not let the impassiveness continue because it will sooner or later cause an international standing which will constitute a danger as far as Israel is concerned", using those expressive words as regards to the real Israeli government standing, the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has defended his unilateral plan for breaking up from the Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank.

On its part, the United States is no longer much interested in an actual role as regards to what is being named "Peace Process in the Middle East", in the same way it is concerned with the meeting and coordination with the different parties in accordance with the fait accompli policy not in respect to a certain reference. In other words, putting pressure towards what the Israelis want without giving much concern to the initiatives and plans that are put forward here and there, as happened for the Roadmap, which is being bypassed now, whereas all concern and efforts are directed towards discussing Sharon's plan for withdrawal from Gaza Strip, its evaluation and feasibility.

As regards to the European Union countries, it is still a diffident one; as it is satisfied with the condemnation and media standings without practicing any type of pressure over the Israeli side. Over and above, the Europeans when condemning any Israeli criminal practice, they put it together with Palestinian resistance in one frame, without differentiating between the right of the Palestinians to defend themselves and rights, compared systemized state terrorism which Israel is practicing against them. Such linkage, many observers say, is an intentional one rather than being accidental. 

     From another perspective, the failure of the League of Arab States and its countries in conducting the Periodic Summit in Tunis in its scheduled appointment- March 2004 has been a big indicator of the weakness of the Arab standing and consequently led to weakening the Palestinian one. This came after the Arab World anger against the Israeli assassination of Sheikh Yaseen. Regardless of how much the importance of the objective reasons compelling the postponing of the summit were, the minimum bound of political support was surely capable of contributing in sustaining the Palestinian standing for any sort of survival. So the peace process didn't move forward. It retreated based on the Israeli interest and plans.

Reports and Articles

Peace Process in the Middle East

       Different peace initiatives have been intensified lately by different parts for reaching a peaceful political solution for the Palestinian question.

Among these solutions, is to discredit the Palestinian's rights and achieving the interests of the Israeli Government through an Arab part which it is Egypt.

The Israeli Government headed by Sharoon, is facing a real crises following the withdrawal of the National Union Party from the Government on the event of refusing Sharon's plan to withdraw from Gaza. And it is obvious that the religious national party "Al-Mifdal" is withdrawing too. As such, the choices are limited at the front of Sharon.

The committee in-charged of mediation between the Israeli Government and the Palestinian authority, has announced a working plan for the sake of the Israeli withdrawing from Gaza Strip, comprising suggestions for reforming the Palestinian Security department and supporting it financially.

Among all these statements and efforts, Egypt has put forth a special initiative on Israel and Palestinian authority related to a designated plan and it comprised security sides which enable the Palestinian authority to control the sector as Israel withdraw from it. Egypt and Israel also reached a deal of increasing the Egyptian military existence on the boundaries with Gaza Strip without forming the peace process signed between them in 1979, and decided forms common committee to discus the axial role which enable Egypt to carry out in Gaza as Israel withdraw from it.

What ever the case it could be, talking about reaching an agreement, has failed with Israel declaring its refusal of withdrawing from Philadelphia's crossing point.

Any how, one cannot overlooked the field events, as the operations of penetrating and tracking members of resistant continued, so, talking about reaching an understanding on the short run, is impossible from the point of view of the Palestinian's movements of Resistance, which a latest survey revealed an increment in  its popular support.

Special Section

Iraqi Occupation in a Year

      The center of the Middle East Studies has held a symposium under the title ( A Year after Iraq's Occupation).

The symposium includes three main important topics; The Occupation and the Iraqi reaction, the Arab and International stances, The government and handing over the authority, and the future of Iraq during the coming six months.

The participants pointed out that the American occupation has no project in Iraq rather than occupying the country and over throw its ruling regime, for the occupier has not taken any procedure indicating any desire for development or wish for evolution, rather, the occupying power destroyed the agricultural and industrial structure and cancelled all the civilian institutions except the Ministry of oil.

The Iraqi reaction was to resist the occupation power. The participants in the symposium emphasized that the resistance has been concentrated in Sunnite districts due to the original attitude adopted by the popular leaders and authorities legitimacy of the armed resistance, and dissatisfaction of most of these leaders with peaceful resistance which the Shi'it authorities declared.

 The activities and operations of the Iraqi resistance were increased because of the decisions and serious measurements adopted by the American Government.

As regards holding over the authorities, the American administration desires to hold over a kind of authority to the Iraqis to administer the state, and this may give the occupation an international and regional legitimacy. This authority enables the government to maintain peace and control the resistance. So that the American administration can exert itself to drive advantage from the Iraqi oil, and other sources of wealth and money.

In-spite of these procedures, the existence of Government cannot decrease the activities of the Iraqi resistance, according to nationalist and Islamic missions.